Drunks, armrest hogs, clappers – oh my! Most annoying air travel habits revealed

EDINBURGH, Scotland — Air journey is usually a supply of stress for a lot of, and sure passenger behaviors solely exacerbate the problem. In accordance with a research of two,000 flyers, among the most irritating behaviors embody passengers who declare each armrests, those that take away their sneakers and socks through the flight, and vacationers who unexpectedly rise up the second the aircraft lands.

The analysis, commissioned by Skyscanner in reference to the launch of its Journey Hacks Hub, identifies a number of different flight pet peeves. These embody passengers who devour extreme alcohol on flights, line up on the gate lengthy earlier than boarding, clap when the aircraft lands, or hover near the baggage carousel throughout baggage declare.

There’s additionally no scarcity of thoughtless behaviors reported throughout flights. These violations embody letting hair drape over the again of a seat, reclining chairs simply as meals are being served, and inflicting delays in safety or check-in strains by being unprepared.

“For many individuals, boarding a plane marks the start of a long-anticipated trip. Nevertheless, the numerous do’s and don’ts of air travel continuously spark debate. Your entire airport course of, from check-in to safety checks, is usually nerve-racking, lowering our traditional tolerance ranges,” says a spokesperson for Skyscanner in a press release. “Whereas it’s tempting to begin vacationing the second you step on the aircraft, it’s important to be thoughtful of fellow passengers. If one thing may irritate you, it’s greatest to chorus from doing it.”

Curiously, the survey discovered that whereas many travelers may determine annoying behaviors, some confessed to being culprits themselves. As an example, 12% of respondents admitted to exhibiting among the irksome habits. Amongst them, 25% had eliminated their sneakers and socks throughout a flight, 19% had induced delays at safety by forgetting to take away particular gadgets, and 17% instantly stood up as soon as the aircraft landed, wanting to disembark.

Airplane passenger with shoes off and socks in the aisle during the flight.
Taking your sneakers off such as you’re within the confines of your personal house is a giant no-no for flights. (Picture by Nattawit Khomsanit on Shutterstock)

The survey, carried out by way of OnePoll, additionally supplied a generational perspective. Gen Z people perceived themselves as essentially the most responsible of undesirable aircraft behaviors (22%), adopted by millennials (18%), Gen X (12%), and Baby Boomers (7%). Youthful vacationers recognized themselves as extra more likely to overpack, trigger check-in delays by repacking, recline their seats throughout meal service, or let their hair intrude into the area of the particular person seated behind them. In distinction, Boomers confessed to continuously forgetting to take away metallic gadgets earlier than safety checks and being among the many first to face as soon as the aircraft lands.


1. Don’t separate liquids simply earlier than arriving at safety.

Selecting up your toiletries after safety saves you area and weight in your checked bag. You may even save time by utilizing in-airport pharmacies that provide a click-and-collect service. It additionally ensures you possibly can plan forward, avoiding a nerve-racking sprint across the store on the lookout for your go-to shampoo. That is additionally useful for heavy non-liquid gadgets, like child method, because it doesn’t depend in direction of your baggage allowance.

2. Have passports or boarding passes in hand.

Some international locations have packages to make getting via border management a breeze, similar to World Entry (U.S.) and DigiYatra (India). These normally contain pre-approval and clearance to enter, so you possibly can spend much less time on the desk. There are normally quicker strains for passengers signed as much as these packages, too.

3. Don’t overpack and maintain up the road whereas sorting your baggage.

Concerning etiquette, a big 74% of these surveyed imagine it’s well mannered to ask the particular person behind earlier than reclining a seat. A considerable 81% favor a rule prohibiting seat reclining throughout foods and drinks service. Furthermore, to make sure an orderly exit, 69% assist disembarking the plane row by row, eliminating the push of passengers standing up instantly after touchdown.

Young girl coloring while on an airplane flight.
Holding kids occupied with interactive actions as an alternative of screens will probably hold them from losing interest and cranky. (Picture by MNStudio on Shutterstock)

StudyFinds Editor-in-Chief affords another essential piece of recommendation to folks flying with little ones: “Don’t simply deliver one or two books or exercise packs for the children and anticipate that may cowl them. Overpack distractions for them such as you’re taking a month-long flight. I typically rib my spouse for the quantity of issues she’ll pack for the children once we go locations, however on the aircraft, she’s bought it down such an ideal science.

“Kids get bored easily as of late, after which they get cranky — particularly in the event that they’ve been staring at a screen for hours. They’re significantly better off doing interactive actions like puzzles, coloring, and games to feed their growing brains. When one exercise begins turning into much less fascinating, the hot button is to have a very completely different one ready within the wings earlier than they get fixated on being bored and upset. By protecting them occupied with a wide range of actions, you’re guaranteeing they’ll keep seated and blissful. And that goes double for you and passengers round you.”


  1. Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol on the flight (48%)
  2. Mother and father letting their kids run round on the aircraft (48%)
  3. Line-cutters (43%)
  4. Reclining your seat whereas the food and drinks are served (43%)
  5. Reclining your seat again at any level through the flight (40%)
  6. Utilizing devices with out headphones (35%)
  7. Standing up as quickly because the aircraft lands (33%)
  8. Leaving bags on the seat to get snug whenever you’re attempting to sit down down (31%)
  9. Hogging each armrests (31%)
  10. Draping hair over the again of the seat (28%)
  11. Taking on a number of seats within the departure lounge (28%)
  12. Not separating liquids earlier than safety and inflicting a hold-up (27%)
  13. Not having passports or boarding passes at hand and holding up the queue (24%)
  14. Taking sneakers or socks off on the aircraft (22%)
  15. Blocking escalators/ travellators so you possibly can’t stroll previous (22%)
  16. Over-packing and holding up the road when you type your bags out (21%)
  17. Clapping when the aircraft lands (20%)
  18. Selecting up the wrong luggage from the carousel (18%)
  19. Standing proper subsequent to the place the baggage comes out from the carousel (15%)
  20. Lining up on the gate lengthy earlier than boarding begins (13%)

South West Information Service author Gemma Francis contributed to this report.

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